Servotech Control LTD

Servotech is a company that specializes in the creation of advanced packaging solutions for food products and general industry. The company was started in 2008 by Assaf Damti, representing the top manufacturers in the packaging industry in Israel, brands such as: GHD Hartmann from Germany, Lafer of Italy, SR Pack from Denmark and more.

Servotech provides services and accompanies the food manufacturers from the advisory stage on the selection of the proper equipment, through to advanced packaging solutions and peripheral equipment for the entire packaging process. These include conveyor belts, date printers, label application machines, weighing systems, product testing and more. Of course, this all includes service, maintenance and warranty all throughout.

Hundreds of Clients Amongst the Top Manufacturers in Israel

The company now has hundreds of satisfied customers amongst which are leading brands in Israeli industry such as Berman’s Bakery, Unilever, Man, Elite, Osem and more

Years of Experience

Servotech was started with the foundation of listening to its clients and understanding their needs, alongside experience and professionalism, the combination of which allows it to provide personalized solutions for each production and packing line in the food industry. It’s lead by the belief that high quality and speedy service is key to long term and productive cooperation.
In addition, we are proud of our engineering and service crews, which have over 20 years of rich experience in the packing industry, and are glad to provide you the customer with the best of the professional knowledge accumulated over the years while building production and packing lines fitted to your business. We at Servotech will do our best to keep our good reputation with our old and new customers as one.

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