Bread, Rolls, Challah and Pita

“By the sweat of your brow Shall you get bread to eat”

Bread packaging is just as important as the bread itself. This is true of the visual of the product – a high quality, nice looking package will sell more – as well as of the protection of the product – a well packaged product keeps fresh longer.

Servotech provides a large array of solutions for the largest bakeries and the most popular bread products in Israel, for example: challah, sliced bread, pita bread and more. Each product has its own needs, for which we construct a unique packing line, carefully planned by our most senior engineers. The leading manufacturers in the world, whom we exclusively represent in Israel, provide the perfect response to all the requests and needs of our clients in the bread and baked goods field.

Automatic and semiautomatic packing lines include all phases of work, all the way from conveying, slicing and packaging to weight control, x-ray scanners, sticker application and automatic stacking.

We would be glad to collaborate with you and provide you with sophisticated, fast and precise bread and baked goods packing lines,

Servotech Control LTD

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