Expertise: Manufacturing electronic flow pack machines with servo engines.

When it comes to packaging machines, Lafer always delivers. With a deep passion for the field, dozens of years of experience during which vast knowledge was accumulated and hundreds of clients satisfied, there is no doubt that Lafer is one of the top manufacturers of packaging machines in the world.


Expertise: advanced tools and technology for bread packing.

The German manufacturer Hartmann is without a doubt the world leader in slicing, portioning, packing and clipping machines for food items such as bread, pita bread, bread rolls, tortillas, rice cakes and other baked goods.



SR Pack

Expertise: Creating advanced technologies for precise box arrangement.

‘SR Pack’ provide packing machines and peripheral equipment for simple as well as complex packing lines, using their own unique technology. Long years of industrial production and research have brought SR Pack to an irreplaceable position in the packing of bread, baked goods and produce.


Expertise: creating advanced technologies for sticking stickers and branding products.

Sticker sticking machines, industrial printers, consumer goods and peripheral equipment from Packin Italy.

Today’s marketing environment is renewing itself daily, and manufacturers are required to provide unique packing solutions in order to compete with the rival products on the supermarket shelves.


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