Bread, Rolls, Challah and Pita

Bread packaging is just as important as the bread itself. This is true of the visual of the product – a high quality, nice looking package will sell more – as well as of the protection of the product- a well packaged product keeps fresh longer.

Cookies and Candies

‘Servotech’ plans, assembles and installs automatic and semiautomatic packing lines for cookies and candies of all types and sizes, using the world’s leading packaging technology manufacturers.

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Fruit, Vegetables, Roots and More

Boxed, single units or groups.

‘Servotech’ provides the full array of tools and services necessary to start a full packing line for fruit and vegetable growers.

Cleaning Equipment and Products, Pharmaceuticals

Cleaning Equipment and Products, Pharmaceuticals

The advanced technologies we use to construct our unique packaging lines are very flexible and adaptable for every packable item, whether its food or other consumer goods, no matter the temperature or the texture.

Different Food Items

From ice cream cones to Maadanot’s malawach

‘Servotech’ provides the full array of tools, equipment and services necessary to assemble unique and efficient packing lines for all food items.

Special Offer Packages

Special offers are the most common way to enlarge sales amongst all retailers around the world. The idea of a special offer is to be an opportunity for the client to get more for a lower price.

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