The clipper systems are mechanical systems which are massively built for strenuous work under especially tough conditions (high rate of work, high temperatures, dust, product crumbs and more). The clipband is composed of plastic and metal and works in hundreds of machines throughout Israel reliably and precisely. It is possible to combine other types of clips with the Hartmann clipping machine such as ‘Kwiklok‘, tape and the innovative system for welding bags ‘Visually Noticeable Open’.

The Temper Proof system is the ‘Visually Noticeable Open’ system that completes the above clipping and is up to the Israeli standard for food products, “The Israeli standard for sealing and packing food products”.

Examples: Different breads, sliced bread, bread rolls, pita bread, rice crackers and nearly all baked goods.

At Servotech, we can plan and implement all types of clipping systems in our machines according to the client’s needs, with updated, quick and reliable technology, and are capable of providing a solution to every challenge.


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