SR Pack

Country of origin: Denmark
Expertise: Creating advanced technologies for precise box arrangement.

SR Pack provide packing machines and peripheral equipment for simple as well as complex packing lines, using their own unique technology. Long years of industrial production and research have brought SR Pack to an irreplaceable position in the packing of bread, baked goods and produce. SR Pack has a unique production line which they have developed over the years, allowing them to provide the highest values with simplicity and speed in the packing lines. SR Pack’s machines and equipment cover all phases of work, from specialized planning to delivery to the client. SR Pack specializes technologically in the bread industry, baked goods, fruits and vegetables, pasta, candy, chocolate, nuts and more. In addition, they cover other areas unrelated to food such as nails, screws, spare parts, toys and more. Furthermore, they provide advanced product control solutions such as visual quality control, weight control and x-ray scanning of food products.

SR Pack was started in Denmark in 1978, and has since overtaken the field of unique packaging solutions. The combination of specialized factory workers and advanced 3-D technology promises the continued leading position of SR Pack within world manufacturers of packaging solutions, while focusing on advanced technology, service and absolute adherence to schedules.

At Servotech, we are the exclusive authority for providing service and equipment for SR Pack’s products. We specialize in their unique packaging solutions and can transport the unique packaging lines we assemble to utilize the unique solutions provided by SR Pack, incorporating them as integral components of the packing process.

We would be glad to incorporate the SR Pack technologies in your packing lines,

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