Country of origin: Germany
Expertise: advanced tools and technology for bread packing.

The German manufacturer Hartmann is without a doubt the world leader in slicing, portioning, packing and clipping machines for food items such as bread, pita bread, bread rolls, tortillas, rice cakes and other baked goods. Hartmann factories develop packaging solutions for food, and stand at the forefront of the packaging world with their knowledge and technology. Hartmann have research teams which allow them to hold the title and stay in the lead in their field compared to other manufacturers worldwide, providing unique solutions for each project individually, simple or complex.

The tale of Hartmann begins at the beginning of the previous century, when the engineer Georg Hartmann founded a repair shop for general industry machines. Due to need that arose from local bread makers, Georg’s son, Johannes Hartmann, developed the first packing machine for sliced bread in 1969. Thanks to the positive reactions from the bread and baked goods industry, the production of bread packing machines began. At first in Georg’s factory, and a few years later opening a designated factory for bread packing in the new industrial zone of the time in eastern Delbruck, Germany.

Nowadays, Hartmann is the leading manufacturer of technological packing solutions in the world, offering full systems and sophisticated packing solutions for the food industry. The factory itself is spread out over almost 4.5 acres and employs over 170 workers who constantly produce packing solutions especially for food manufacturers worldwide.

Servotech is proud to be the exclusive representative providing Hartmann’s unique packing solutions in Israel. The engineering teams at Servotech plan the Hartmann packing machines and designate them for sophisticated packing solutions. Our service teams are specialized in Hartmann’s packing solutions and can provide, assemble and construct the machines with utmost professionalism in order to allow for continuous and successful activity of the packing line. In addition, our knowledge and expertise allows us to provide excellent service and reply to any query, request or problem regarding the packing and manufacturing lines by Hartmann.

We would be glad to collaborate with you through the advanced Hartmann packing machines,

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