Special Offer Packages

Special offers are the most common way to enlarge sales amongst all retailers around the world. The idea of a special offer is to be an opportunity for the client to get more for a lower price. This in turn lead to the development of special offer packages, usually composed of a number of packages of the same item, or complementary items, at a more attractive price. The challenge of special offer packaging is that it’s short term and changes according to marketing decisions, which is why the solution for special offer packaging needs to be fast, dynamic and high quality to maximize the results of the special offer.

At Servotech, we provide the full collection of tools necessary to create a variety of efficient packing lines for a large array of item categories, from food to cleaning products. We are experienced in adjusting the various packaging technologies to the products we’re required to pack. The advanced technologies we use to erect our unique packaging lines are flexible and adjustable to each packable item, whether it’s food or any other consumer goods, no matter the temperature or texture. These abilities allow us to spread out to other categories of consumer goods requiring high quality packaging.

Through our work, we’ve developed dozens of packing lines for a variety of unique special offer packages for dozens of clients all over Israel. The simplicity of the electronic flow pack machine by Italian company Lafer allows these packaging lines to work continuously while keeping the packaging high quality and precise, with a highly productive packaging rate.

We will be glad to collaborate with you and provide you with the most sophisticated, fast and precise packaging lines for each special offer and package.

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