Packaging technologies and solutions


Horizontal packing in movement for a variety of products in a streamlined, advanced and user-friendly machine. Flow pack technology is the basis for automatic packing lines, bringing the future of packing to food production factories worldwide.


As opposed to the flow pack machines which have a wrapping and sealing system from cylindrical sheets, there are products which are packed in different ways and shapes

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The clipper systems are mechanical systems which are massively built for strenuous work under especially tough conditions (high rate of work, high temperatures, dust, product crumbs and more)


Servotech adjusts and installs advanced cutting and slicing machines from Hartmann, the world’s leading manufacturer of bread slicing machines, so that they fit the client’s production line with the greatest efficiency.


In the current marketing environment which is renewing daily, manufacturers are required to provide unique packing solutions in order to compete with rival products on the product shelves in stores.

Box Filler – Automatic Box Stacking

At the end of the production line comes the phase of produce organization in boxes. In most factories, the end of the packing process is manned by a person who arranges the products in boxes to prepare them for shipping.

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