Country of origin: Italy
Expertise: creating advanced technologies for sticking stickers and branding products.

Sticker sticking machines, industrial printers, consumer goods and peripheral equipment from Packin Italy.

Today’s marketing environment is renewing itself daily, and manufacturers are required to provide unique packing solutions in order to compete with the rival products on the supermarket shelves. With a strong desire to rule the peripheral equipment market, Packin Italy renews itself all the time and is constantly on the search for the next hot trend in the packing industry. Thanks to their vast expertise and research teams, Packin Italy provides thousands of creative packing solutions for hundreds of clients around the world. Amongst them are sticking and branding solutions such as special offer stickers, trademark stickers and more. Packin Italy provide automatic and semiautomatic solutions capable of perfect synchronization and becoming an integral part of almost any packing line, with an emphasis on fast output rates, precision and a minimal to nonexistent number of mistakes in order to allow fast, high quality continuous production, alongside peace of mind for our clients.

At Servotech, we are familiar with all the accompanying solutions that Packin Italy provides, and are proud to be their exclusive representative in Israel. The fruitful cooperation between us allows us to turn every packing line from impossible to possible, without limits and obstacles.

We would be glad to improve your packing lines with Packin Italy equipment,

Servotech Control LTD

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