Country of origin: Italy
Expertise: Manufacturing electronic flow pack machines with servo engines.

When it comes to packaging machines, Lafer always delivers. With a deep passion for the field, dozens of years of experience during which vast knowledge was accumulated and hundreds of clients satisfied, there is no doubt that Lafer is one of the top manufacturers of packaging machines in the world. Lafer is aware that the value of their packaging machines lies in their precision, speed and minimal number of mistakes, allowing for continuous and proper work of the packing lines.

At Lafer, each client becomes a partner to the vision, with one goal in mind: reaching fast, precise and sophisticated product output.

At Servotech, we are proud to be the exclusive agency representing Lafer in Israel. Our teams know the Lafer machines down to their minutest levels. We keep an uncompromising technological bond with the Italian manufacturer, visiting the factory in Italy monthly and specializing in everything related to assembly and operation of Lafer machines. The knowledge Lafer owns and constantly shares with us allows us to bring every idea to fruition and face every challenge with a personalized and adjusted solution which is easy, fast and professional.

Every packaging project is manufactured in the original manufacturing factory in Italy, where it’s tested and examined by their experts and our mechanical engineers, undergoing a series of meticulous tests as part of the scrupulous quality control we provide.

Lafer’s array of specialties of packaging solutions is large and is combined of dozens of categories, from food products to plastic items and packages, through disposable tableware, electric cords and hygiene products and medical equipment.

We would be glad to provide you with the perfect packaging project from Italian manufacturer Lafer.


Technology which conveys the items on the line along the all the different required stations. Flow pack technology is the basis for fully automatic packaging lines, bringing the future of packing to food manufacturers around the world.


  • No malfunctions
  • Savings on human resources and manpower
  • Complete precision in cutting and packaging
  • Very high output speeds

בסרטון הבא נראית מכונת ‘פלופאק’ ( Flowrapers / Flowpack ).

המכונה מסדרת חבילת עוגיות, העוגיות נכנסות לפי כמות שנקבעה מראש אל תוך פי המכונה.

הניילון שנקבעה מידתו מראש עוטף את העוגיות והמכונה מלחימה את האריזה, וסוגרת אותה הרמטית באריזה שומרת טריות.

מכונה מבית היצרן האיטלקי ‘לאפר / Lafer’.

מדגם: Cosmic

מהירות אריזה מקסימלית: 150 p.p.m.

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